Meet our little fam:

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Sara James

After spending 4+ years in the fitness & health industry building a brand with her sister (see, Sara decided to go for it on following her own dreams. Being bogged down on the computer day in and day out wasn't lighting her up and she had to make a change. Enter van life.

Alex James

This entrepreneur turned coach has a passion for helping others realize their dreams & make money with passion.  His passion for fitness & yoga are almost equal to his love for pizza & donuts. Alex is an Eagle Scout who loves to teach outdoor skills & ethics.


Bambi + Nugget

Meet the two Italian Greyhound sisters, Bambi and Nugget. Bambi (left) is 5 years old and is a professional hugger. Not kidding. She's trained to "hug." Nugget (right) cries daily if she's not completely covered in a blanket. They both love meatballs and running at the park daily. Preferrably one followed by the other.

Looking for details on our Van Build?


Look no further! We purchased a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 170" Passenger Van with 55,000 miles on it. From there, we ripped out the seats and headliner and got to work...

40 hours of freedom vanlife sprinter van conversion diy
40 hours of freedom san simeon vanlife sprinter van conversion diy

Want more details about what we do for a living or our van build?