DIY Van Build Guide

Simplifying Your Sprinter Van Conversion

Ready To Start Your Own DIY Sprinter Van Build?

Get the exact dimensions, blueprints and instructions you need to simplify the entire sprinter van conversion process.

DIY Van Conversions Are Hard… This Makes It Easy!


At first you thought, “This won’t be too hard…”

But as you started your DIY Van Build, you quickly realized there’s a lot to consider in a sprinter van conversion.

the truth is, it’s not easy.

DIY van conversions can be extremely challenging, but if you’re committed to living in your own mobile paradise, it’s a roadblock you must overcome!

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That's exactly why we put together this simple Van Layout Guide

It will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours scratching your head trying to figure it all out on your own.

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What’s Inside…

The Best Sprinter Van Conversion Blueprint

You’ll get instant access to the Interior Build Dimensions for 2 different sprinter van conversions. This includes details like:

  • The Best Bathroom & Kitchen Layouts

  • A Compete Materials List (Only Get Exactly What You Need)

  • Cabinet and Storage Sizing References

  • High Quality Countertop Materials & Instructions

  • Secret Tips for How To “Get The Look” and Layout You Want

The Van Layout Guide is the best, most comprehensive resource available for building your own van.

Get our complete layout specs for 2 different Sprinter Vans designs with 3D renderings of the finished van conversions.

See Exactly How To Build These 2 Different DIY Vans

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The Beach House

Perfect for singles, couples and retirees!

This van layout is our personal favorite. In fact, we lived in this van as a couple for almost 2 years.

The best feature of “The Beach House” van layout is its expansive window layout. The wraparound side & rear window design allows you to back your van up to any landscape and instantly live in natural luxury.

This van layout includes a minimalist functional design with light wood features, lots of natural light, a full kitchen, bathroom, shower, and convertible bed and dining area.


The Outdoorsman

Perfect for the adventure lover!

Underneath the main living space, this van features additional dedicated space for bikes, boards, camping gear and more.

“The Outdoorsman” van layout boasts darker, more natural looking wood features, a full kitchen, bathroom, shower, and convertible bed and dining area.

If you’re bringing active gear with you on the road, this van layout is perfect for you.

Its dual floor design gives you plenty of extra storage.

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About The Creators

Sara & Alex James
diy Van Conversion Experts

Sara and Alex James are the creators of 40 Hours of Freedom, an internationally recognized travel, lifestyle and adventure brand.

They currently own a Custom Van Build & Conversion shop in San Diego, California and have partnered with contracting expert, Tom Germain (who has over 40+ years of experience in custom home designs), to create this Van Layout Guide.

Sara and Alex are expecting parents, nature lovers and big advocates for sustainable, minimalistic living!

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  1. Is this a pdf, ebook or membership site?

    • This is a lifetime membership site. After you checkout, you will set up an account that you can come back to access anytime. We also include downloadable PDFs for all 3D renderings showing the dimensions of each aspect of the van build.

  2. Do I receive lifetime access to the Van Layout Guide?

    • Yes! Your $87 purchase gets you lifetime access to the Van Layout Guide as well as all future updates.

  3. Will You be adding more layouts in the future?

    • Yes! If you didn’t hear the big news, we now have a Van Conversion Shop in San Diego doing custom builds for clients. We will be adding the layouts of each build we do to this guide.

  4. Is this a step-by-step build guide?

    • No, this is not a step by step guide due to safety and legal concerns. Each van build is complex and complicated, and no “step by step” guide is going to be able to accurately teach you how to build your own van if you do not have any experience. This is a Layout Guide - it will help you build a van with a layout similar to one of our vans. If you are wondering how tall your countertops should be, the specs of our bathroom, how big to make a bed, etc - this Layout Guide is for you!

  5. How much did your conversion cost?

    • We spent about $30,000 just on the conversion itself. This does not include labor cost.

  6. Does this layout work for all van conversions?

    • Yes! This will be able to help you make a floor plan for your van conversion as long as you are working in a high roof cargo van like the Promaster, Transit or Sprinter.