Build Details



For the kitchen, we stayed with the open feel and farmhouse sink. In this build we made our kitchen less deep and long to allow for more open space in the van. We also added a tile backsplash.


  • We used a bathroom sink (yep) because it was the only thing that we could find with the right dimensions. It works great and no one knows ;)
    • if you buy the sink we have, use some kind of sealer on it!! It's super porous and we put over 4 coats of a clear tile sealer on it to keep it nice and white.
  • VIGO Matte Stone Vessel Sink






SHower 1.jpg


Shower door

  • We both agreed we wanted a private bathroom with a door so we could have some privacy. We absolutely love this self-cleaning shower door by Nautilus. A little pricey but worth it! Takes 2-3 weeks to ship because they are custom made.

  • Nautilus Self Cleaning Retractable Door

shower FAUCET




  • We have a 23 gallon freshwater tank for our shower (for more plumbing details see the Plumbing Section below)
  • Custom RV Water Tank



Solar Setup

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 4.08.01 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 4.10.34 PM.png


Battery monitor

SOlar Charge Controller


Shower plumbing system

water tanks

  • For the shower we have a 23 gallon water tank that is stored in the bench in the back on the drivers side.

  • For the sink we have a 13 gallon water tank that is stored in the bench in the back on the passengers side.


water pumps

 sediment filter

sink plumbing

Water LInes

  • We used 1/2" Interior Diameter (ID) Nylon Braided Hose for all cold water lines.  You can make the connections using 1/2" ID Barbed fittings with whatever size threaded fitting you need on the other end. Then simply put a clamp over the hose where the barb inserts into the hose. 
  • For the hot water lines we used 1/2" ID PEX hot water lines. You will need to use PEX fittings to make your joints.  It is not very flexible so I found the elbow joints very helpful when making the connection from my hot water heater to the shower. 

General Tips

  • I found it helpful to diagram out the entire plumbing system and listing off every fitting, hose, valve, t-joint etc... that I would need. Once you have this list completed you are ready to order your fittings off amazon or make a trip to your local Home Depot.


Bed/Table Setup

Since our van is a live/work situation we wanted the flexibility to have a table/desk area to sit at during the way while we work. 

family salt flats 2.jpg

table top

  • 3/4" birch plywood 




  • Marine 12V Switch & Charge Panel - We used a 4 toggle switch panel.  2 toggles control our recessed LED Rope Lighting and 2 toggle control our water pumps.  It comes with 2 built-in USB ports and a 12v port. 
  • Dimmable 12V LED Recessed Lighting - We love the fact that these are dimmable.  They are very bright otherwise. We had to go to another site to find a 12V Dimmable switch but it was well worth it. 
  • 12 volt Color LED Rope Lights - We used these in the toe kick at the floor in the kitchen. They are great for ambient lighting at night time.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Cabinet hardware

fantastic fan